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Welcome to Molin di Bucchio, the first mill on the Arno river

Nestled on the Arno River along the Londa-Stia road, SS 556, connecting the provinces of Firenze and Arezzo, Molin di Bucchio is one of the oldest mills in the Casentino area.

Once among the holdings of the medieval Counts Guidi of Porciano, milling activity has been carried out by the Bucchi family for more than 700 years. Molin di Bucchio has also been an important trout breeding centre.

The Mill

The Mill dates from the 13th century and was a working mill until 1960. The interior of the structure has remained unchanged, retaining all the charm of days gone by.

A Site of Honour for the Ecomuseo del Casentino, the Mill is open to the public on the weekends without charge.

Ecomuseo del Casentino

Ancient aquaculture by Molin di Bucchio

The project "Ancient Aquaculture by Molin di Bucchio" carried out by Cooperativa In Quiete deals with the recovery of one of the oldest aquaculture facilities, located at the Arno springs, dedicated to the production of native freshwater species for repopulation and food purposes.

The intervention involved the recovery of a historic aquaculture plant, located in an area of ​​high environmental value, through the restructuring of a part of the existing tanks (the most upstream ones, of more recent construction) and the annexed rooms suitable for carrying out reproduction activities.

The Arno river

The source of the Arno is on Mount Falterona, a few kilometres from Molin di Bucchio. The Arno is only a small stream of microbiologically pure water, but when it reaches the Mill it’s still strong enough to turn the blades of the waterwheel.

"They were milling at the mill; we could hear the crisp sound of the mill-wheel. We approached silently; no voices were heard. We saw a group of grey, slate-covered houses amongst the dense trees; we could make out the characteristic exterior staircase and the ledges, the tiny ledges where the women sit and where the red carnations bloom, and in that serene tranquillity, Mulin di Bucchio was pleasing."
From “L’ARNO” by Alinari Beltramelli, published by Fratelli Alinari in 1909.

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The old Kitchen

The old nineteenth-century kitchen, con-nected to the Mill by a steep staircase, has remained intact. The objects and the odours of old rural homes permeate throughout. Each year the Mill is the site of concerts, plays, workshops, and conferences.

The Arno river

The Arno was born at the foot of Mount Falterona, it fell impetuously, joining various ditches along the mill, here little more than a small stream, flowing quietly, giving coolness on the hot summer days. The man used his waters to move the blades of the mill and feed the trout tanks.


Molin di Bucchio's position at the edge of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park, at the beginning of the Arno valley, makes it an interesting point for trekking, mountain bike or horseback rides, as well as a stopping point that will make your excursion unique.


Staying in Casentino means really escaping from the stressful and frenetic life of the city, rediscovering the true essence of the countryside, its tranquility, restfulness, clean air…in short: re-living a by-gone era

The apartment is a restructured old stone barn dating from the early 1900s. There is a large living area with an open kitchen and fireplace on the ground floor, and two large bedrooms and the bathroom on the upper floor.

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Trekking routes

Molin di Bucchio is located on the edge of the Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna National Park on the road from Stia to Londa, dominated by Castel Castagnaio and then the Passo della Consuma. Thanks to its position it is an interesting point for trekking, mountain bike or horse riding, a stop or arrival point that will make your excursion unique. Molin di Bucchio can be reached through some CAI paths such as path 4 (Consuma - Falterona): See Route) or the path 4A (Porciano – Molin di Bucchio: See Route).


  • tent sites in a fenced area, with use of the bathroom, for hikers who need a stopping point during their routes.

  • Shuttle service for those who need to return to their own means of transport (in the municipality of Stia) or to reach the SITA stop in Via Roma in Stia for those coming from Consuma.

Our availability is linked to agreements made at least 6/7 days before arrival.


Phone: House: +039 0575 582680 (meal hours).
Mobile: +039 334 721 19 01 Caterina - +039 338 100 76 10 Carla.


Capo d’Arno, Lago degli Idoli (Etruscan site) within the Park National of Casentinesi Forest

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Sanctuary of La Verna, Camaldoli Monastery the castles of Porciano, di Romena e Poppi, Etruscan Museum of Partina

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Molin di Bucchio is located in a narrow gorge of the Arno river which is still a small ditch, on the road that from Stia through the Croce a Mori pass reaches the Mugello valley passing through Londa.

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