Luogo di pregio dell'Ecomuseo del Casentino


                                          The Path of Liberty


War and Resistence


 Molin di Bucchio


Two episodes that significantly marked life in the Stia township occurred around the Mill:

11 November 1943 Italian Partisan, Pio Borri, was killed.

11 April 1944, two German commandants were killed.


In 1959, in memory of Pio Borri, a lapidary was placed on the house were he was tortured and killed by German soldiers.

The house was damaged during the 1966 flooding of the Arno and it was later demolished.

In 2005, the lapidary was repositioned on the monument dedicated to Pio Borri.


Under the auspices of the town of Stia and the city of Arezzo, the lapidary was positioned in the new site in remembrance of Pio Borri and the Partisan struggle in Italy.