Luogo di pregio dell'Ecomuseo del Casentino


                                          Molin di Bucchio


Nestled on the Arno River along the Londa-Stia road, SS 556, con-necting the provinces of Firenze and Arezzo, Molin di Bucchio is one of the oldest mills in the Casentino area.


Once among the hol-dings of the medieval Counts Guidi of Porciano, milling acti-vity has been carried out by the Bucchi family for more than 700 years. Molin di Bucchio has also been an important trout breeding centre.


Molin di Bucchio


The Casentino valley, an area of great historic and natural signi-ficance, is a land of castles, sanctuaries, monasteries, medieval villages, and forests. It is a territory full of the charm founded in ancient traditions and rich in artistic, reli-gious, and historical heritage. By car, the Casentino can be reached from Florence through the Consuma Pass on SS 70, and the Croce a Mori Pass on SS 556; from Arezzo on SS 71; from the Romagna region through the Calla Pass on SS 310, and the Mandrioli Pass on SS 71.


Le macine del Molino



The last miller was Pietro Bucchi, known locally as ‘Pietrone’, who was also called ‘philosopher’ because of his long beard and aloofness.

Bucchi Pietro, ultimo proprietario, indossa un cappotto in Panno Casentino