Luogo di pregio dell'Ecomuseo del Casentino


                                          The Arno river



The source of the Arno is on Mount Falterona, a few kilometres from Molin di Bucchio. The Arno is only a small stream of microbiologically pure water, but when it reaches the Mill it’s still strong enough to turn the blades of the waterwheel.


L'Arno a Molin di Bucchio


L'Arno a Molin di Bucchio


From “L’ARNO” by Alinari Beltramelli, published by Fratelli Alinari in 1909:

""They were milling at the mill; we could hear the crisp sound of the mill-wheel. We approached silently; no voices were heard. We saw a group of grey, slate-covered houses amongst the dense trees; we could make out the characteristic exterior staircase and the ledges, the tiny ledges where the women sit and where the red carnations bloom, and in that serene tranquillity, Mulin di Bucchio was pleasing."